Wednesday, September 27, 2006

For your viewing pleasure here's an exclusive sneak peak of Page 1 of a new, vibrant, and exciting Johnny Bravo strip by me and Mike DeCarlo.

For me the highlight is Panel 3. Especially when you consider the detail I went into describing the scene. The panel description from the original script went hence:

Johnny’s face rips out through the newspaper.

Mike's done a pretty darn good job of depicting this as I'm sure all both of you will agree. Who says artists don't earn their keep.

Story's called Bad Mama Hair Day and is a heartfelt plea on the shocking amount of cash ladies pay in order to get their hair done! Y'know someone has to make a stand. Stop this insanity now! Unless of course you're a ginger in which case there's not much I can do for you. Bad Mama Hair Day will appear in a future issue of Cartoon Network Block Party from DC comics.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

And here's Page 24 again from Michael. Spock, rocky vista, big monster...leaving absolutely no one in doubt that this is a Star Trek story! Yay!

Personally it was just great putting words into the fizzers of such wonderfully iconic characters. Scotty says it best. "What a hoot!"

Page 18 of 'Oban' with art by Michael. This is where Kirk talks dirty from his chair to an alien lifeform. But relax true believers they don't end up shagging.

Umm...come to think of it I think that particular exchange was rejected for something a little more serious more in keeping with the actual story. Still, check out that fourth panel and those come to bed eyes!

Happy Birthday Star Trek, which is now 40 years old. I've made my own tiny little contribution having written one of five stories in 'Star Trek The Manga' published by Tokyopop. Artist Michael Shelfer and me present 'Oban'. As the official blurb goes, "warring planets exchange peace offerings via the Enterprise, but one 'gift' may be more than what it seems".

It's a monster story basically, and I've tried to be as true to the original series as possible. Great characters, boys own adventure, and space ships. Ye cannae beat it.

The book is out now and this is one of three covers on offer. That's Spock saying hello, btw.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

For most of this week I’ve forgone the custard creams in order to get my tax return together. Basically it all starts with a plastic bag full to the brim of all last year’s receipts. Then I have this internal dialogue where I ask myself why I couldn’t have kept my records up to date on a regular basis rather than the current situation rushing about at the last minute like a mad loon. But isn’t it always the way. There’s that lazy fecker in all of us, which of course explains how global warming came about.

Still, it’s a pain doing me tax return, keeping me away from a Johnny Bravo strip and the Western story I’m doing for Moonstone. Not to mention all those disappointed faces when I said I couldn’t go out last Wednesday. Well, mine mostly.

Having said that have you noticed how sexy comics have gotten recently? Not the actual comics themselves, but all things associated with those plucky little pamphlets? I was speaking to a lassie recently enthused by the motion picture ‘A History of Violence’. I piped in that I’d been for a meal with John Wagner, who wrote the graphic novel from Paradox on which the film is based. She reacted by insisting that I must be famous, which would be nice if it was true. But there you go, there’s so much out there informing popular culture originally inspired by the comics medium. I'm sure you can think of plenty more examples. Mind you the following exchange is also pretty typical: “I’m a big fan of Batman. I have all the DVDs.” It makes one wish I had a little ‘comics parcel’ I could hand over as I witter on about Dark Knights, and Killing Jokes, and source material and all that jazz.

Oh, and I did get my tax return finished eventually just in case you’re wondering. Huzzah! Ginger slices all round.