Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A very merry Xmas to one and all. I had a quiet time, mostly spending kwality time with my boy. Between you and me though I've never been completely at ease with what the festive season is all about. I'm glad it's all over, but I sincerely hope y'all had a good good great great time.
Was also able to catch up on Otogi Zoshi volume 2, published by Tokyopop, written by Narumi Seto and adapted by yours truly. After the first volume establishes much of the background and grounding for the characters, volume 2 for me is what it's all about. It's a lovely vibrant wonderful story with a great ending, brimming with loads of emotional impact, one I'm intensely proud to be associated with. Ah, the wonders of Xmas joy. Good will to all men, ladies, girls, boys, dogs, and hamsters.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Back from the Birmingham Comics Show where I seemed intent on drinking and smoking myself to death, but didn't quite succeed. I have to say the show was the best Winter Convention I'd been at for some time. I think the location had a lot to do with it. Conventions these days, especially the ones around this time, are pretty devoid of editors and the like, so there's little chance of work. But unlike Brighton, London and Bristol before, Birmingham is easy to reach so people didn't feel nearly as downhearted as they might have with a more hassle-intensive journey still fresh in the mind. Mind you, I heard for those souls going back to London on the Sunday that trains were stopping at Northampton. I helpfully suggested that they could pop in there and say hello to Alan Moore.
Yeh, the vibe was good. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and it was good to catch up with Ben, Laurence, Jon, Dylan...oh the list goes on.
Accompanying art is the Silver Surfer from the brush of the insanely talented Esad Ribic. Esad is Croatian but this year I've drank with him in New York, San Diego, and now the mighty Brum. Ye cannae beat it!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I lifted the image to the right from David Bishop's blog. An ex-editor of mine. There's quite a few out there that fit that description. David now occupies the elevated position of writer and has built up some notable credits over the past few years. Quite an austere blog photo you have there, Dave.

Anyhoo this is the cover by Doug Klauba for the Phantom prose anthology book (that's proper writing to you and me) to be published by Moonstone scheduled May 2007. David Bishop and myself have short stories appearing. Last time I think we both shared credits on a publication was a Judge Dredd story written by me, edited by him, and drawn by Jim Murray. Not that anyone was credited for the story at the time...