Saturday, July 20, 2013

GoodCopBadCop to be published as a trade by Rough Cut

I am delighted to announce that GoodCopBadCop is to be published as a graphic novel by Eddie Murphy and Rough Cut Comics.  GoodCopBadCop is a modern crime twist on Jekyll and Hyde where the good cop and the bad cop are the same person.

The trade will reprint the two GCBC issues already out there (drawn by Garry McLaughlin & Luke Cooper respectively).  There will also be an all-new strip drawn by Will Pickering where our main protagonist Detective Inspector Brian Fisher is placed under an internal police investigation.  Also, a Case Files prose story narrated both in turn by good cop and bad cop.  It's a superb package, ideal for all the family (over the age of 18 that is).

GoodCopBadCop volume 1 is out December of this year - and here's the press release:

Judge Dredd Restricted Files 4

Like a comics equivalent of the undead (though not one drawn by Charlie Adlard) a couple of my Dredd strips have risen from the grave. 'Confessions of a Mega City Vegetarian' and 'Die Painfully' both appear in Judge Dredd Restricted Files vol 4 out right about now. What can I say, their respective titles say it all. That and they feature Judge Dredd.

While it's nice to see a couple of my stories in there, it must be said if it wasn't for a couple of 2000AD completists, I would be none the wiser. There is no mention of me in any of the promotional material. While it has been a longgg time since I've been anything approaching flavour of the month with the guys at 2000 AD, surely the least I can expect, if they reprint something written by me, is a credit somewhere anywhere? Ah well gripe over. ‪#‎firstworldproblem

Wolf Country#1 review up on Forbidden Planet International

A rather stonking - if I do say so myself - review of Wolf Country#1 up on FPI:

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Judge Dredd Case Files vol 20

Out now is Judge Dredd Case Files volume 20 featuring ‘It’s a Dreddfull Life’ written by me and Robbie Morrison and drawn by Colin MacNeil.  Inspired by ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, we explore a Mega-City One where Dredd never existed.  The strip is something of a curate’s egg.  We were seen at the time as something of a dream team (well, for all of ten minutes), but we always thought the idea was a poisoned chalice, which had been bouncing around the editorial offices for years; with Wagner and Grant refusing to touch it. 

When writing the scripts, I spent a couple of days over at Robbie’s who was still staying at his parents.  I had woman troubles at the time, so was in the middle of a mini-crisis.  I still apologise about it any time I see him. J  But we got the thing done.  The strip received a cool reception when it first came out.  As time goes by though it seems to have held up well and I’ve had people mention it to me a few times.  Is it a good thing to be associated with a Dredd strip that people both remember and still enjoy?  Drokk, yeh!