Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm now a member of Black Hearted Press who are probably best known for organising this years Glasgow Comics Con, but they produce comics now - top notch comics to a terrific standard. And they very kindly asked me to come on board. My first missive with them is 'Gabriel' #1, which consists of material I retain copyright on that I think definitely deserves another run out. Look people don't thank me all at once.

Okay the blurb: 'Gabriel' Part 1 by me and David Hill: A demon runs rampage through the city of Glasgow. It is a different Scotland with a non-secular police force; a society where god and the devil is reality. Events centre round Stewart Gabriel, who has personal demons of his own.

The back-up strip is 'Manchester' by me and Andy Dodd: It is the end of the world. For one man the last day on earth is quite possibly the happiest day of his life.

Comic is priced £3/$6 including shipping either side of the pond. A digital copy is available for £1/$1. Send your order to Ta very much!

Oh I meant to say I have the lead strip (Ben 10) in Cartoon Network Action Pack #64. I even manage to squeeze in a little homage to 'Father Ted'. Where FT had a plastic cow, my story has a teeny flying saucer. I sincerely hope you are all keeping up with me here.

Oh - on the subject of Ben 10, I met Duncan Rouleau (one quarter of 'Man of Action') at NYCC a few weeks ago - what a gent.