Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reasons to be Cheerful Part 1: the cold snap seems to have given way to the great thaw, well at least in the central belt of this place we call Scotchland. This means I only need wear three layers of clothing before contemplating visiting the local shops. Reasons to be Cheerful Part 2: 'Samurai Jack: Tower of Aku' written by me with art by 'man of 2009' Ethen Beavers out now in DC's Cartoon Network Action Pack #45. The story is inspired by the Bridge on the River Kwai. And it's got a bomb disguised as a birthday cake. Ethen has done a bang up job on this one. I have celebrated the fact by eating a fruit scone.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year all! I know 2009 was tough for a lot of people. Let's hope things picks up in 2010. If they don't, I'm giving up this writing lark once and for all and take up being a chef.

This year from me should see more Samurai Jack and Aku Fairy Tales for DC, 'Cuckoo' to appear in Insomnia's 'Focal Point', and 'Food Chain' in four parts for Markosia. And who knows what other delights and challenges will fall my way all in the name of keeping me off the streets. It's called care in the community y'ken! Keep watching this space, well that is until the dots start to appear. Happy New Year all!