Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wolf Country#1

Just a wee note to say that the latest Planet Jimbot comic - written by me with art by Luke Cooper - is out now. Wolf Country#1 is an all-new self-contained story, which will have major ramifications for future stories to come.

‘A vampire settlement is surrounded by hostile werewolf tribes. The settlement is there for religious reasons, following the teachings of a vampire god. The werewolves don’t want them. They consider a vampire presence on their land to be sacrilege. It is a frontier of fang and claw, with death and vengeance the common currency. In Wolf Country, you need to watch your back and keep your loved ones close, because someone – or something – is always out to get you.’

Delivered to your door for £3.50. Contact planetjimbot@gmail.com for details.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Whisky in the Jar written by me to appear on TV

I'm pretty chuffed to announce that an adaptation of the comic strip 'Whisky in the Jar' written by me with art by Gerald Parel and published in Metal Hurlant will appear as part of Metal Hurlant Chronicles season 2. It stars Michael Biehn (John Connor's dad) as the sheriff and James Marsters (Spike!) as Doc Rowan. I helped adapt the script for TV. 

Whisky in the Jar tells of a surgeon with the healing touch - the stuff of miracles – resident in the Wild West town of Totem. Cowboys intent on fighting duels come to Totem with the knowledge they have a far greater chance, with a miracle-working surgeon at hand, of surviving their gunshot wounds. It's a free for all. What should have been a blessing sees Totem descend into the stuff of nightmares, forcing the embattled sheriff to issue the surgeon with a terrible ultimatum.

Gabriel joins Planet Jimbot

I'm especially pleased to announce that Gabriel written by me and drawn by David Hill has been rebranded as a Planet Jimbot book. 

Gabriel is a horror story set in Glasgow.  Stewart Gabriel's life is at a crossroads.  Failed marriage, stuck in a rut, weird vivid dreams.  In the meantime a demon conducts a murderous rampage across the city.  How are the two connected? 

Gabriel is set in a society where demons and angels are established fact.  How would society and religion react and be shaped by such realities?  Gabriel is a true story set in an alternative Scotland.  Also back-up stories drawn by among others Declan Shalvey, Will Pickering and John Royle. 

Gabriel #1-4 (full set) is available to be delivered to your door.  If you're interested drop me a line at:

Plague Ship

Space Marines!  Zombies!  Explosions!  More zombies! 

For the price of a bag of chips (£1.50 to be precise) you can download the short prose story/e-book 'Plague Ship' written by yours truly and published by Warhammer/Black Library.  It really is good fun.

The story: 'On the Imperial carrier The Deliverance, Space Marines of the Doom Eagles find a deadly cargo: the walking dead, loyal Imperial citizens changed into vile flesh-eating creatures by the virulent and pervasive Plague of Unbelief. Vastly outnumbered by the living corpses and in deadly peril, the Doom Eagles rally around the ship’s sole survivor... But is he as he seems, and can any of them resist the dread power of the Dark Gods?'

Read it with the lights off.  To download the story, go to:

Eden Chapter 1 Page 3



The first chapter of Eden written by me, drawn by John Higgins, coloured by Sally Hurst and lettered by Jim Campbell can be found in the pages of Dark Horse Presents #23.  The idea here is to present a group of short stories revolving around a future where for unspecified reasons the human race is facing extinction while the technology around them is doing everything to keep the human race going.  It's a nice idea I think; a neat  twist on the usual 'technology is out to get us' fare.  There's a really good article on the strip on down the tubes: