Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I have some news.

Metal Hurlant Chronicles is going to be aired in the US in April on Syfy. I'm involved in several projects and the Whisky in the Jar trailer is now up. It's about a minute long. Based on a comic script by me and Gerald Parel. Adapted for TV by Guillaume Lubrano and myself. Starring Michael Biehn & James Marsters. To see the trailer in all its teaser glory, clink on the link below:

'You're in sales.  You're top of the food chain.  Your whole life - every client detail - is held on your smartphone.  So what happens when someone gets hold of your phone - your contacts - your life?  Someone bad?  Something demonic?'

Out now Food Chain#1 written by me with all-colour art by outstanding newcomer Pete Woods.  If you'd like a copy drop me a line at  £4.50 will see it delivered to your door.

Wolf Country#2

Out now Wolf Country#2 written by me with art by Will Pickering.  Vampires v Werewolves in a Wild West setting.

Comic Bastards has given Wolf Country a 5 star review.  (Previously I've never had a 5 star review for anything.)

The title was also named as one of the Top 10 books at the recent London Super Comic Con.  (Again, I've never been in a Top 10 list - apart from the ones I compile myself - anywhere!)

If you'd like a look drop me a line at  Issue 2 sent to your door for £3.50.  Issues 1 & 2 likewise for £6.50.

GoodCopBadCop Casebook#1 written by me, art by Luke Cooper, Garry McLaughlin & Will Pickering with an introduction by John (I am the Man) Wagner.  GoodCopBadCop is a modern crime twist on Jekyll and Hyde were the good cop (who is very good) and the bad cop (who is very bad) is the same person.