Friday, November 02, 2012

Wolf Country art from Luke Cooper (from ATS#2)

ATS#2 cover & Mike Perkins art

ATS#2 on sale

Hey there.  Amongst the Stars #2 is out right about now.  "What delights do you have for me here?" you say.  Well I'm glad you asked me that.  The second part of 'Amongst the Stars' written by me with art by Mike Perkins explains how the minds of a strange alien race got trapped on the planet earth.  In addition we have the debut of 'Wolf Country' by me and Luke Cooper where a settlement fights for survival while surrounded by hostile werewolves.

For £3.50 I can deliver to your door.  For details, contact

Also still on sale; Amongst the Stars#1, Gabriel #1-4, GoodCopBadCop #1 & Scout One#1.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

- Aliens have nightmares too -

- Us! -

ATS#1 by Jim Alexander & Mike Perkins. £3.50 to your door. Contact for details.

Planet Jimbot's debut comic is Amongst the Stars #1 by Jim Alexander (King's Crown/Metal Hurlant Chronicles, Birds of Prey, Marvel Milestones) and stunningly drawn by Mike Perkins (The Stand, Astonishing X-Men the Wedding Issue). It's a tale of of wayward people and even more wayward aliens.  For £3.50 we'll send an issue straight to your door. Please contact for details. Ta very much.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Kapow bound.  I'll be at Table 34 so come seek me out.  Gabriel #4 will make its debut in the big smoke bringing the series to its triumphant end.  With art by Dave Hill, Will Pickering and John Royle, it's a cracker!  For info on all things Gabriel, GoodCopBadCop & Scout One, contact me at

A nify interview where I wax lyrically with  Do I succeed in making myself appear devilishly interesting and chique?  Only you  can decide...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Gabriel #3 by Jim Alexander, David Hill & Will Pickering is on sale now. The mystery that is Stewart Gabriel and his relationship on one side to the demon Bacillus and the Knights of St Tempar on the other reaches its penultimate stage. Also, the first part of Growing Pains. Every child has to grow up sometime.

If you'd like a copy for £3 (UK) or $6 (US) including postage/shipping, contact:

Also on sale: Gabriel #1-2, GoodCopBadCop #1 & Scout One #1.

I have an IMdb page!

'Kings Crown' was originally published in Metal Hurlant. Ridley Scott's favourite comic. Written by me and drawn by the legendary Richard Corben, it's medieval grunge as our mc Guillame fights all-comers trying to win the king's crown. And trust me it builds up to one humdinger of a sting in the tale. The story is now heading for TV; adapted for the upcoming 'Metal Hurlant Chronicles'. Wowser! In fact when I first saw the trailer on LC's phone - having just got back from Hi-Ex in Inverness - when I got up the next morning I was sure I had dreamt it. (LC reassured me that I hadn't.) "Trailer," I hear you cry - yes trailer, and here's the link -

Cartoon Network Action Pack #67 is out now. It's the final issue from DC. There won't be another one. Taking the wild wacky world of comics as a whole, it's probably not particularly newsworthy, but indulge me a moment, it's the end of an era. My association with the title was in the main as writer of Samurai Jack - including Aku's Fairy Tales - and by gum there are some good 'uns in there. Latterly I scripted a couple of Ben 10s and for the final issue a Generator Rex tale called 'Wood for the Trees'. It's an enjoyable yarn; contains some good liners; wasn't originally scheduled for this issue but included as a last minute thing, but you know what, it's a pleasant and warm feeling to be in the very last one. Many thanks to all my co-conspirators (and over the years there's been a few of you). Cartoon Network Action Pack helped me become a better writer. As one door closes, lots more doors to open.

Monday, March 05, 2012

JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJust to make it official GoodCopBadCop #1 is now available to buy.

You know what, having been so closely involved with all the stages of the comic, it still seems a little unreal being able to reach across and flick through the pages. GoodCopBadCop looks great, different, strange, challenging, rewarding. I just feel lost in it like a tiny bit of me occupies each and every frame. But don't take my word for it...

Cost is £3/$6 including shipping. If you're interested feel very free to contact me at:

Ta very much.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

GoodCopBadCop #1 debuts just in time for next weekend's Cardiff International Comic & Animation Expo (trying saying that with your teeth out).

'In a modern take on Jekyll and Hyde, the Good Cop and Bad Cop just happen to be the same person. 3 all-new stories written by Jim Alexander (Batman, Star Trek Manga, Metal Hurlant) and strikingly illustrated by Garry McLaughlin (Junkie Dad, Year of Fear, Taking Flight).' So it says on the back of the comic so it must be true!

I have a table over the weekend (Sat 25 & Sun 26 Feb) in the Caernfon Suite at the Mercure hotel, so come along and chat with me. Try and not poke at me and take pity on me and buy one or all of my comics. Ta in advance!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Gabriel #2 is now on sale. In addition to the second part of Gabriel where the mayhem and intrigue (if I do say so myself) continues; there are four bonus strips drawn by Declan Shalvey ('4 Days'), Chris McLoughlin ('In the Park') and Tom Nimmo ('Wall of Bread' & 'Pizza').

What can I say: buy, read, digest, eulogise.

Contact me @ Cost is £3/$6 including shipping.

Also on sale Gabriel #1. Great review here:
Also on sale Scout One #1. See my blog entry just under here.