Sunday, June 26, 2011

Laptop Guy #1 is out now. Brainchild of Sha Nazir I've contributed a couple of stories - 'Notebook Kid' & 'Ctrl-Alt-Delete'. It's an incredibly enjoyable collection of gentle madcap stories that I guarantee will bring a smile to your face. Sha and myself are collaborating on a new project. Even for a worn out old hack like me that's pretty exciting. More to follow no doubt over the next few weeks and months.

As for the present, check out Laptop Guy on

Monday, June 20, 2011

Well the Glasgow Comics Con was a hoot. Terrific fun. Sha and John did a remarkable job putting it all together. That's me at the writers' panel sitting next to the Rory McIlroy of comics Mr Mark Millar. (Thanks to TeamGrrrl for the photo.) And thanks to everyone who attended my workshop. I hope y'all gleaned something from it. It's probably too late now to claim for a refund if you didn't :-) And congratulations to all the awards winners. Being there for Alan Grant's outstanding achievement award was something pretty special. You can read about the SIBCA winners elsewhere, but two guys Craig Collins for Roachwell - a terrific piece of work - and Jim Stewart for Ganjaman - mainstay of the Glasgow scene when at its most moribund - also deserve a shout. Wow what a great day.