Monday, June 20, 2011

Well the Glasgow Comics Con was a hoot. Terrific fun. Sha and John did a remarkable job putting it all together. That's me at the writers' panel sitting next to the Rory McIlroy of comics Mr Mark Millar. (Thanks to TeamGrrrl for the photo.) And thanks to everyone who attended my workshop. I hope y'all gleaned something from it. It's probably too late now to claim for a refund if you didn't :-) And congratulations to all the awards winners. Being there for Alan Grant's outstanding achievement award was something pretty special. You can read about the SIBCA winners elsewhere, but two guys Craig Collins for Roachwell - a terrific piece of work - and Jim Stewart for Ganjaman - mainstay of the Glasgow scene when at its most moribund - also deserve a shout. Wow what a great day.


Ross said...

I attended your workshop and found it very informative and covered a lot of stuff I hadn't even thought about.
"claim for a refund"? Lol, the cost of adminission was cheap for the writers' panel on its own.
Thanks for adding to my day.

Jim Alexander said...

Hi Ross,

Many thanks. I didn't arrive at the Church until just before 2 and was immediately struck at how well attended it still was. Everyone that attended was a real credit to the Con and fingers crossed there will be another one next year.

As for the workshop, I know from bitter experience that structure is something writers don't really think about enough. It's a dry subject, but I was helped immeasurably by audience participation. Where about were you sitting?



Ross said...

Hi Jim

I was sitting pretty much in front of you, just a bit to your left. I was next to my friend Grant (we were both wearing glasses and he is bald).

We'd been there since 10am and sat through the three main panels as well as attending your workshop. Of the panels, I felt the writers' panel worked best. I got the impression that the audience had a better connection with the topics being covered. However, it was all good and it proved that a bigger Con is viable if they want to try it next year. There was just so much interest. I was fortunate to get tickets from the reserve list and a few of my friends would have come too if it hadn't sold out. I just appreciate the efforts of the organisers and am glad it appears to have been a success.