Monday, March 28, 2016

Wolf Country#1-5 on sale at the Planet Jimbot shop

All five issues of Wolf Country available at the Planet Jimbot shop online (and an excuse to post Luke Cooper's rather nifty montage of his covers for the series):

Savant scheduled in Dark Horse Presents

I thought I'd give a potted history of the comic strip 'Savant'. There is a point to it, which all going to plan, I should get to at the end, so fingers crossed.

Savant had been around for a while in various guises, but the definitive team of me (Jim Alexander) as writer, artist Will Pickering and colourist Fin Cramb came about officially when we met up in May 2012 at Kapow (London comics con organised by Mark Millar).

A year and a bit later, we launched a 24-page comic published by Planet Jimbot on Oct 2013 at the much missed Plan B in Glasgow.

Other publishers seemed to be showing an interest, but it was Dark Horse who finally came through. On May 2014 we received contracts to deliver the first Savant story, 48 pages in total.

We finished the story in Nov 2014, and since then, well, it had gone a bit quiet. But, our Dark Horse editor has been in touch. Savant will debut in the pages of Dark Horse Presents, on sale March 2017, running through DHP issues 32 to 37.

If there's a moral to all this it's that you'll get there eventually if you're talented enough and you work hard enough and you're willing to wait long enough - though not necessarily in that order!

The Samurai

Who is he?

He is the Samurai.

He seeks revenge.

Award winning (GoodCopBadCop) and award nominated (Wolf Country) writer and artist team, Jim Alexander and Luke Cooper, join forces once again to create the one-shot ‘The Samurai’.  Available to pre-order on the Planet Jimbot online shop.

Deathwatch hardcover

Black Library is reprinting Deathwatch as a rather nifty hardback. A classic graphic novel tale (that’s what it says on the website) written by me with Graham Stoddart (2000AD) and Lee Townsend (Marvel comics) on art duties. The sumptuous Karl Richardson cover is probably worth the price of the book alone. Also up on the website is a brief outline of the story; and Lordy will you breath in that Space Marine-styled testosterone.

The first line of defence against t...he foul xenos creatures besieging mankind is the Deathwatch – an elite cadre of alien hunters drawn from the ranks of the Space Marines. Now, a team of the Deathwatch under the command of Jerron, an Ultramarine veteran, has been sent to quell an alien insurrection on the Imperial planet of Pavia. But when the aliens have infiltrated Imperial society and appear to be human, the team must mark their targets carefully!