Monday, March 28, 2016

Deathwatch hardcover

Black Library is reprinting Deathwatch as a rather nifty hardback. A classic graphic novel tale (that’s what it says on the website) written by me with Graham Stoddart (2000AD) and Lee Townsend (Marvel comics) on art duties. The sumptuous Karl Richardson cover is probably worth the price of the book alone. Also up on the website is a brief outline of the story; and Lordy will you breath in that Space Marine-styled testosterone.

The first line of defence against t...he foul xenos creatures besieging mankind is the Deathwatch – an elite cadre of alien hunters drawn from the ranks of the Space Marines. Now, a team of the Deathwatch under the command of Jerron, an Ultramarine veteran, has been sent to quell an alien insurrection on the Imperial planet of Pavia. But when the aliens have infiltrated Imperial society and appear to be human, the team must mark their targets carefully!

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