Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bomb Scares presents Flesh of my Flesh

You may haven seen on your FB travels news of horror anthology Bomb Scares and how it conquered Kickstarter. I write one of the stories called 'Flesh of my Flesh' with haunting art by Jovan Sekuloski, lettered by Dave Evans and edited by Paul H Birch. To describe the story would be to give it away, but you can check out the book by clicking on the following link. Sorted?  You will be.


Sideburns is 100% Biodegradable

Biodegradable is currently offering a double dose of Sideburns, the quirky private eye brought to you by me and Jon Haward. First helping comes with 'Conjoined Sins' appearing in the 100% Biodegradable print collection.

Meanwhile, Sideburns' first ever strip appearance is 'reprinted' in the digital-only Biodegradable#10. Dave Hailwood has created a minor miracle in steering an independent anthology into double figures. 69p a digital copy. Yes, you read right.  This will be the best 69p you will ever spend.


Friday, October 23, 2015

British Comics Awards/Planet Jimbot gets a shout

The British Comic Awards have just announced their shortlist and longlist. No Planet Jimbot titles in the former, but we got a few mentions on the latter. Congrats to all involved.  It's been a busy year. You can pick up these titles and more from the Planet Jimbot online shop:
Best Comic
1st September 2014 – 31st August 2015
Amazing & Fantastic Tales #4 & #5 – Jim Alexander, Luke Cooper, Ed Murphy, Eva Holder, Glenn Fleming, Graeme MacLeod, Jon Haward, Paulina Vassileva and Jim Campbell (Planet Jimbot, 8th Oct 2014)
Wolf Country #3 & #4 – Jim Alexander, Will Pickering and Jim Campbell (Planet Jimbot, 30th Jan 2015)
Best Book
1st September 2014 – 31st August 2015
Amongst the Stars – Jim Alexander, Mike Perkins, Will Pickering, Scott Martyniuk and Jim Campbell (Planet Jimbot, 1st Mar 2015)
Young People’s Comic Award
1st August 2014 – 31st August 2015
App-1 #1 – Jim Alexander, Eva Holder, Conor Boyle, iella, Jim Campbell and Liz Howarth (Planet Jimbot, 3rd August 2015)
Emerging Talent
For a body of work between 1st September 2014 – 31st August 2015
Conor Boyle (App-1 #1, Futurequake)
Eva Holder (App-1 #1, ’Bad Tooth’ in Amazing & Fantastic Tales #4)
Iella (App-1 #1)

Me Myself and Ben 10

At the exact point my failing brain had forgotten that I'd scripted Ben 10, this book arrived in the post from IDW. I checked. I script a couple of stories featured inside.

Gabriel Trade Paperback

On sale now is the Gabriel TPB. A world where angels and demons are an everyday reality. The concept of faith is no longer needed. Presently, a demon wreaks terrible and sickening havoc through the streets and tenements of Glasgow, but for Stewart Gabriel, this isn’t the highest priority. He has personal demons to contend with of his own.
Gabriel is a true story set in an alternative Scotland. Written by Jim Alexander (that's me that is) and drawn by David... Hill (Luther: Echoes of  the Hammer) & Mick Trimble (Bloodfellas).
This 68-page trade includes an all-new Gabriel story 'I am the Insurrection', which follows Jesus who visits the Earth for the day with dramatic and at times hilarious results. The book is available for a knock-down £5 plust P&P at the Planet Jimbot online shop at:

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dogbreath 30/'Tremor Wings'


A shout out for Dogbreath#30, which features Tremor Wings written by me, drawn by Barry Renshaw and starring Johnny Alpha, Wulf Sternhammer and the Gronk (I mean, come on if I get the opportunity to write a Strontium Dog I'm not going to miss out on using the Gronk). Johnny and co try to sort out the differences between the towns of Homely and Homely-2, but things don't go quite to plan (they never do). Beware the Tremor Wings!
You can order a copy here: http://www.futurequake.co.uk/shop.php

Saturday, August 08, 2015

MegaCon 2015

The next leg in my never-ending quest to champion the finest Planet Jimbot has to offer finds me in Carlisle for the MegaCon on Sat 15th Aug. Time is 12-7pm. Location is Richard Rose Central Academy, Edgehill Road, Carlisle CA1 3SL. It's a really nice location. Very spacious and light. MegaCon put a lot of work in making it an immersive experience. There are a lots of things happening on the day - cosplay, workshops, X-Wing and trading card tournaments – and wrestling.

The only one of these I'm definitely participating in is a writer's workshop, which I'll be taking at 1pm. I'm trying a different tack this year with: '99 easy steps to creating a comic'. It'll be brainstorming all the way, where we start with an empty whiteboard and we'll see where this gets us in the end. I intend to cover absolutely everything that goes into creating and self-publishing a comic book - starting with the initial story idea and ending with getting the book out there in front of an unsuspecting but hopefully appreciative world. Audience participation is not only welcome but positively encouraged!

I'll be there all day selling, signing and discussing GoodCopBadCop, Wolf Country, Amongst the Stars, Amazing & Fantastic Tales, Food Chain and our brand new super-hero comic book 'App-1'. Tickets on sale at the door. People of Carlisle I hope to see you on the day.

Sunday, August 02, 2015


Planet Jimbot has a new book out; a super-hero comic with a difference. I know you've probably heard this a thousand times before, but...

In a world overrun by terror, despair and monsters, 3 kids cling on to the belief that there once existed a champion of good, a super-hero now gone and all but forgotten. Despite the dangers and sheer hopelessness of the situation, they decide to go in search of the super-hero known as App-1.

App-1 is a fun, family friendly series with I'd say - in terms of content - Dr Who sensibilities. The reader is taken through three different time periods (the Present, the Recent Past and the Past). Discover how all three stories are connected as we ask the question, how can a world protected by a super-hero at the height of his powers end up being taken over by monsters known as Bogeys?!

The book is written by Jim Alexander (Samurai Jack, Penguins of Madagascar) with stunning art by Eva Holder (Bad Tooth), Conor Boyle (Dead Roots) & iella (The Ugly Duckling). 

App-1 is available to buy now at the Planet Jimbot shop:

Monday, July 27, 2015

FP Glasgow signing/Thurs 30 July

Will Pickering and I have a signing at Forbidden Planet in Glasgow this Thursday (30th July) from 6-7pm.  On sale will be award winning GoodCopBadCop (True Believers) and award nominated Wolf Country (True Believers) and Amongst the Stars (SICBAs).  If you're out and about pop in and say hello.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Wolf Country#4 on sale now at the Planet Jimbot shop

Wolf Country#4 is on sale. After the slow but captivating build-up of the first three issues (garnering 4 and 5 star reviews on the way) issue 4 explodes into delirious and unrelenting action. Down the Tubes describes it thus; "a gore hound’s dream of a comic book."

Available at the Planet Jimbot shop:

We're also launching the issue in Glasgow on Thursday 2nd July from 6.30pm onwards at the Drury Street Bar & Kitchen, Drury Street, Glasgow. So pop along if you're free. It would be lovely to see you.  I'll be joined by artist Will Pickering and we'll only be too happy to sign anything you might put in front of us!  The launch will held in conjunction with the monthly Scottish Cartoonists Meeting and is up on Facebook:

On the night we’ll also have copies of SICBA nominated Graphic Novel 'Amongst the Stars'. You can still vote for this if the mood takes you at:

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Amongst the Stars nominated for Best Graphic Novel

Following on from the success of GoodCopBadCop at last summer's True Believers/Eagles awards, I'm delighted to say that 'Amongst the Stars' has made the Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance (SICBA) shortlist for Best Graphic Novel 2015.

The 64-page trade is written by Jim Alexander AKA me (Metal Hurlant, Star Trek Manga) and drawn by Mike Perkins (Stephen King's The Stand, Astonishing X-Men, Deathlok).  The winners will be announced in Glasgow on the 4th of July.

To celebrate we've put together a wee PDF sampler of the book, which features 5 pages of the story.  This is absolutely free to everybody, so please feel free to share as you wish.  Also, the book is on sale at the Planet Jimbot online shop for a special SICBA price of £5.50 plus P&P.

For the Amongst the Stars PDF sampler, click on the following link:

Check out Amongst the Stars at the Planet Jimbot shop:https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PlanetJimbot

For details of how to vote check out the official SICBA site:http://www.sicba.org.uk/

All that's left is to cross fingers, legs and toes!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wolf Country#4

Wolf Country#4 is now available for pre-order at the Planet Jimbot shop.  https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PlanetJimbot/
By Jim Alexander & Will Pickering with a Luke Cooper cover.  The vampire Settlement is under attack.  'Slow burn' becomes 'burn'.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Granite City Comic Con 2015

Not long now until the Granite City Comic Con.  Date is Sat 30th May.  Time is 9am-5pm.  Location is Transition Extreme on Aberdeen Links Road.  This is a free event (although a donation would be appreciated to charity partners: CLAN Cancer support).  I'll be there as a guest and based all day at the Planet Jimbot table signing and selling GoodCopBadCop, Wolf Country, Amazing & Fantastic Tales and Amongst the Stars.

Also, later that evening I'll be part of a separate (and ticketed and I think sold out) panel event with fellow guests including Alan Grant and Monty Nero at the wonderful entitled Satrosphere Science Centre.

People of Granite City see you there!

For those who can’t make the event, you can order our books online at the Planet Jimbot shop:

Planet Jimbot shop

The Planet Jimbot shop online is now open.  Get your copies of Wolf Country, Amongst the Stars and Amazing & Fantastic Tales right here:

Monday, May 04, 2015

Amazing & Fantastic Tales#5

Amazing & Fantastic Tales#5 is on sale now. This is the final issue, bringing to a close our regular series ‘Kroom’ and Wild West mash-up, ‘The Last Posse’. Rounding things off is the self-contained comic strip ‘Facts of Life’, which shows what happen to a young man taught the facts of life using goldfish!

The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. “Amazing & Fantastic Tales most definitely lives up to its title with an unconventional blend of one-shots, ongoing stories, sequential art and prose writing that’s like nothing else on the shelves right now” – Big Comic Page. "I got all five issues of Amazing and Fantastic Tales at once and loved the original quality of this series” – downthetubes. “A celebration of indie talent” – Starburst Magazine.

If you're in the Glasgow area, the official launch will be held in conjunction with the Scotland Cartoonists club, which meets up at the pub called Drury Street, located on (you guessed it) Drury Street, Glasgow. Join us on Thursday 7th May from 6.30pm onwards. All five issues of Amazing & Fantastic Tales will be on sale. Vote in the general election, and then pop along for a beer and a comic. Sorted.

An events page is up on Facebook:

My Year So Far#5

Also out this year, Amongst the Stars TPB.  A 64-page trade, it collects for the first time 'Amongst the Stars', written by me and drawn by Marvel Comics artist Mike Perkins (Stephen King's The Stand, Astonishing X-Men, Deathlok).  DowntheTubes says, "We see the love of strangeness.  We see echoes of Robert Silverberg, A. E. van Vogt, Philip K. Dick and the like.  Back then, science fiction was a eerie and often scary world. Ideas were full of unfamiliar and unsettling worlds and aliens – and, in my humble opinion, Amongst the Stars has all of this going for it."

To buy your copy (and I'll happily sign it for you), go to: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/232202216/amongst-the-stars-tbp

My Year So Far#4

The Metal Hurlant Chronicles box set has recently come out on Blu-ray.  This is the TV show based on Metal Hurlant/Heavy Metal comic strips, which was shown on Syfy last year.  Two of the episodes are based on my stories:  'King's Crown' starring Scott Adkins and Michael Jai White and 'Whisky in the Jar' starring Michael Biehn and James Marsters.    Shlockmania says, "Whisky in the Jar is an intriguingly macabre blend of western and supernatural elements anchored by a believably world-weary performance from Michael Biehn."  As well as writing the comic strip, I helped adapt the story for TV.  The episode has an IMDb rating of 7.3.

My Year So Far#3

I took a break from writing about vampires v werewolves and good and psychotic policemen to script Penguins of Madagascar#3, with art by Egle Bartolini.  Published by Titan, it came out end of January.

My Year So Far#2

January also saw the release of Wolf Country#3.  Dustin Cabeal of Comic Bastards in his review says, "The idea of Werewolves vs. Vampires isn’t a new one, so if you’re going to do it you have to make it interesting.  Wolf Country takes this concept and not only adds its own spin, but owns the genre in doing so."  We liked the review so much we put it on the cover :-)

My Year So Far#1

Following on from a True Believers/Eagles award last summer for Best UK Comic, 'GoodCopBadCop' at the turn of the year was named by The Hindu (Indian Daily Newspaper) as one of the Top 10 graphic works published in 2014 in English and Tamil.  Which is kind of terrific.  GoodCopBadCop is a modern crime take on Jekyll and Hyde where the 'good cop' and 'bad cop' is the same person.