Saturday, April 29, 2006

There hasn't been anything like the fanfare that accompanied the first Captain Britain story, which appeared a year or so ago, but Spec Spidey 133 is out boasting a much stronger, more satisfying read. Don't take my word for it, read this:

Ok, I admit I couldn’t have written a better review myself, but I didn’t, not this one, honest guv. Interestingly Khayem the reviewer mentions the fact that Spidey doesn’t appear until midway through the story. The fact it takes so long for the lead character to make an appearance did give the marketing guys the jitters, but if you’re not giving these guys sleepless nights at least some of the time you’re not really doing your job. Oi, get that tongue out of yer cheek! Seriously, though, its fair-dos to everyone involved as the Fury story pushes the comic’s format as far as we could. In an environment where you can’t call the Fury a killing machine, where you can’t refer to Elektra as an assassin, and you can’t call the Red Skull a Nazi, I think the boys did good.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

What with 'bird flu' hysteria gripping these Isles - (Well, it was mentioned a couple of times at work on Friday) - I thought I'd throw this page into the spotlight. A murder has been committed in a duck pond, as shown in the opening page of 'Sideburns: Conjoined Sins' written by myself with art from 10 feet tall Jon Haward. Story's scheduled to appear in the soon to be reincarnated Negative Burn from Image/Desperado. Is it in issue 1?* I dunno. I'll probably find out with the rest of you. It's quackers, man!

*(It's in issue 3, out in July.)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

'Ello peeps. It may not be One Year Later, but Cartoon Network Block Party #19 is out from DC as of around about right now. No, I haven't written the Powerpuff Girls story. It's another Johnny Bravo for me - 'Whoah! Great popcorn! Bodacious babe! Hot movie! And not a pigtail in sight!' Yes it's true there is someone out there willing to pay me to write lines like this :-)

I'm busy at the moment. As if real life wasn't demanding enough I'm working on the script polish for Tokyopop's Otogi Zoshi vol 2. I'm putting together a Wide Vision proposal for Moonstone. And I have some more Cartoon Network scripts to bring to life.

As a wise man was once overheard to say, 'Nature abhors a vacuum. It doesn't matter how many nostril hairs one pulls out, they're all back again in the morning.'