Wednesday, April 05, 2006

'Ello peeps. It may not be One Year Later, but Cartoon Network Block Party #19 is out from DC as of around about right now. No, I haven't written the Powerpuff Girls story. It's another Johnny Bravo for me - 'Whoah! Great popcorn! Bodacious babe! Hot movie! And not a pigtail in sight!' Yes it's true there is someone out there willing to pay me to write lines like this :-)

I'm busy at the moment. As if real life wasn't demanding enough I'm working on the script polish for Tokyopop's Otogi Zoshi vol 2. I'm putting together a Wide Vision proposal for Moonstone. And I have some more Cartoon Network scripts to bring to life.

As a wise man was once overheard to say, 'Nature abhors a vacuum. It doesn't matter how many nostril hairs one pulls out, they're all back again in the morning.'

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