Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tomorrow is the general UK release date for V for Vendetta, the major motion picture based on the classic Warrior/DC comic strip (depending whether you first saw it in black and white or colour) by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. Tomorrow is also the day I embark on a two night stag (not my own) in the beautiful windy Isle of Arran. Anyhoo to commemorate one if not the other here's the first page of David Lloyd's 'Elemental', which was published in Metal Hurlant and written by li'l old me. Does this make me two steps removed from Natalie Portman (yeh, yeh, like right it does)!


Anonymous said...

Isn't working with David Lloyd a kick? Had the great good fortune to work with him myself on a story for the Captain America: Red, White and Blue anthology Not surprisingly, he kicked artistic ass.



Paul D. Storrie

Rob McCallum said...

Hey Jim
You've got another Natalie Portman/Kevin bacon thing.

I'm working with her right now on her new movie- saw her yesterday- she's very small but then, most people are to me

Jim Alexander said...

Ah, good old Natalie. She's come a long way since 'Eastenders'.