Monday, April 16, 2012

Cartoon Network Action Pack #67 is out now. It's the final issue from DC. There won't be another one. Taking the wild wacky world of comics as a whole, it's probably not particularly newsworthy, but indulge me a moment, it's the end of an era. My association with the title was in the main as writer of Samurai Jack - including Aku's Fairy Tales - and by gum there are some good 'uns in there. Latterly I scripted a couple of Ben 10s and for the final issue a Generator Rex tale called 'Wood for the Trees'. It's an enjoyable yarn; contains some good liners; wasn't originally scheduled for this issue but included as a last minute thing, but you know what, it's a pleasant and warm feeling to be in the very last one. Many thanks to all my co-conspirators (and over the years there's been a few of you). Cartoon Network Action Pack helped me become a better writer. As one door closes, lots more doors to open.

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