Sunday, June 23, 2013

Whisky in the Jar written by me to appear on TV

I'm pretty chuffed to announce that an adaptation of the comic strip 'Whisky in the Jar' written by me with art by Gerald Parel and published in Metal Hurlant will appear as part of Metal Hurlant Chronicles season 2. It stars Michael Biehn (John Connor's dad) as the sheriff and James Marsters (Spike!) as Doc Rowan. I helped adapt the script for TV. 

Whisky in the Jar tells of a surgeon with the healing touch - the stuff of miracles – resident in the Wild West town of Totem. Cowboys intent on fighting duels come to Totem with the knowledge they have a far greater chance, with a miracle-working surgeon at hand, of surviving their gunshot wounds. It's a free for all. What should have been a blessing sees Totem descend into the stuff of nightmares, forcing the embattled sheriff to issue the surgeon with a terrible ultimatum.


Cassanddra said...

Any idea about when it will air and what the US distribution will be?

Jim Alexander said...

They are filming episode 4 of Season 2 at the moment I think. So the series should be ready maybe start of next year? Certainly in time for next year's Comic-Con. US didn't pick up the first series. The hope/intention is that the US (and UK hopefully) will pick up both seasons of Metal Hurlant Chronicles as the one bundle.