Sunday, June 23, 2013

Plague Ship

Space Marines!  Zombies!  Explosions!  More zombies! 

For the price of a bag of chips (£1.50 to be precise) you can download the short prose story/e-book 'Plague Ship' written by yours truly and published by Warhammer/Black Library.  It really is good fun.

The story: 'On the Imperial carrier The Deliverance, Space Marines of the Doom Eagles find a deadly cargo: the walking dead, loyal Imperial citizens changed into vile flesh-eating creatures by the virulent and pervasive Plague of Unbelief. Vastly outnumbered by the living corpses and in deadly peril, the Doom Eagles rally around the ship’s sole survivor... But is he as he seems, and can any of them resist the dread power of the Dark Gods?'

Read it with the lights off.  To download the story, go to:

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