Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wolf Country#1

Just a wee note to say that the latest Planet Jimbot comic - written by me with art by Luke Cooper - is out now. Wolf Country#1 is an all-new self-contained story, which will have major ramifications for future stories to come.

‘A vampire settlement is surrounded by hostile werewolf tribes. The settlement is there for religious reasons, following the teachings of a vampire god. The werewolves don’t want them. They consider a vampire presence on their land to be sacrilege. It is a frontier of fang and claw, with death and vengeance the common currency. In Wolf Country, you need to watch your back and keep your loved ones close, because someone – or something – is always out to get you.’

Delivered to your door for £3.50. Contact planetjimbot@gmail.com for details.

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