Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Judge Dredd Case Files vol 20

Out now is Judge Dredd Case Files volume 20 featuring ‘It’s a Dreddfull Life’ written by me and Robbie Morrison and drawn by Colin MacNeil.  Inspired by ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, we explore a Mega-City One where Dredd never existed.  The strip is something of a curate’s egg.  We were seen at the time as something of a dream team (well, for all of ten minutes), but we always thought the idea was a poisoned chalice, which had been bouncing around the editorial offices for years; with Wagner and Grant refusing to touch it. 

When writing the scripts, I spent a couple of days over at Robbie’s who was still staying at his parents.  I had woman troubles at the time, so was in the middle of a mini-crisis.  I still apologise about it any time I see him. J  But we got the thing done.  The strip received a cool reception when it first came out.  As time goes by though it seems to have held up well and I’ve had people mention it to me a few times.  Is it a good thing to be associated with a Dredd strip that people both remember and still enjoy?  Drokk, yeh!

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