Monday, May 08, 2006

It's this weekend in case you are wondering. I have a signing on Saturday at 11am, so come seek me out and I'll give you a free comic. Honest, guv, no strings an' anyfing. Then it's off to find a pub in Bristol showing the Scottish Cup Final. C'moan the Gretna!


Dom Reardon said...

Hey Jim,

Don't know if this'll work, I've never done these blogg things before and my web-fu is weak.
Just thought I'd track you down and say hi.
It was nice to talk to you over the weekend.
Does me posting this mean that you now have my E-mail address?


Jim Alexander said...

Umm, I dunno, Dom. Post me your e-mail and postal addresses and I'll send you those comics I would've passed to you on Sunday if I saw you. I won't publish your details on the blog.

Good seeing you 'n' all, btw. Bristol was a larf winnit?

Khayem said...

Sorry to have missed you on Saturday. A rather heavy Friday night meant that I rolled (almost literally) into the Expo early afternoon. Did you manage to catch the Scottish cup final in the end?

Jim Alexander said...

Alas, I did not. What is it they say about the best intentions...?

There is a couple of things I would have liked to pass to you, though. Send me your e-mail and address. As ever I won't publish them on the blog.