Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dear old Brum, that's where this year's UK 'winter' Convention is going to be held. It follows on from last year's Brighton, and Bristol the year before that. I'm reliably informed that next year's will be hosted in Barlinnie!* Anyhoo I'll be there as I've always been partial to the yellow stuff.** Arriving Saturday afternoon and leaving on the Monday, so you never know might bump into some of you good people.***

*You might want to google Barlinnie prison, Scotchland to get the joke. That's if you think I'm joking of course.


***At least I should be able to talk about 'The Last Posse' at Brum with considerably more certainty as I've just finished the first draft. Yippee!


Mike Perkins said...

Give my regards and love to everyone in Brum. Not just the people I know - but everyone there!

After a few Whiskeys I know you'll be doing that anyway.

I used to have a studio in the Custard Factory - it's a fine, fine place - with a fairly good bar. Enjoy yourself.

Regards to the missus and the nipper.

Mike Perkins

Jim Alexander said...

Perky Mike!

It has indeed been a while my friend. While you're buying suntan lotion for your suntan lotion in sunny Florida I'll happily pass on your regards
to those adventurous souls brave enough to face the ice cold delta that is Brum in December. Not too sure about the love bit, though! That sure is a lot of whisky.

Mike, don't know if you read it in the papers, but Stephen Hawking is splitting up with his ex-nurse second wife. Time to do 'Amongst the Stars' II methinks.

The nipper is five now. Can you adam and eve it?