Sunday, December 02, 2007

And while I'm on it I'm waiting for Ewan McGregor to grow old enough to play Ed MacBrayne in the movie.


Perk said...

Jim -

You know as well as I do ( I believe it was one of the first things I said to you ... apart from "It's your round") that I would have loved to have illustrated Calhab Justice. Yes, it got strange....but it was original!

All the best,


Jim Alexander said...

Strangely enough my next blog (scheduled for 2012) will feature another strip you could have drawn. Remember the Ripper Legacy, Mike?

And I do indeed remember you saying that to me. At that time the backlash was particularly strong. About the same time I asked Jeffrey Archer if he wanted to form a support group, and he said even he wasn't that desperate. Ah happy days.

Anonymous said...

Heya Jim the exotic dancer, it's American Jenny. I stumbled upon this off of Jim Stewart's downthetubes profile. Hope you're doing well, it's a shame you couldn't come out with the Jim and the boys to meet me in November! But I heard you met my English friend Anne! Jim says you are coming stateside in February. Aren't you just a posh international man of mystery! If you happen to be in Ohio or Pennsylvania (although I'm assuming you'll be in NYC), I can treat you to a pint. Drop me a line if you like -

ps - I hope you kept the dollar I gave you. Its value will make a comeback in 100 years or so, I just know it!