Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The latest Aku's Fairy Tale tells of a thumb-sized Jack who has, you know, issues. No creator credits on this one, an oversight, but it rarely happens and to be honest I'm not too worried. In any case everyone knows it's written by me. I mean come on who else would come up with the line: "Alas, his father was so poor he did not have two peas to put in a pod." International bankers should hang their heads in shame. Anyhoo 'Thumbling Jack' appears in Cartoon Network Action Pack #47 published by DC. Occasionally one hears talk of a Samurai Jack movie. Now wouldn't that be a good thing indeed?


Anonymous said...

Argh, I'm beginning to think a Samurai Jack movie's only going to get made when my kids are old enough to have kids old enough to watch it.

Geez, you're only now getting your hands on a copy? Wow, it really does take a long time to get to Scotland. Those guys in the coracles should paddle faster.
I liked this tale, as I think I said before. It's got lots of clever touches from both you and the illustrator, like "By which I mean the size of one of your thumbs, not mine," the evil robot bank robbers as mimes (how horrible!), and the shoebox prison cell.
But I'm finally gonna come right out and ask you: why do you always spell "humph" as "hympth"? Is it a Scots thing? Or is it a signature touch, like that one artist who always put his daughter's name, Nina, into his drawings?
It doesn't bother me. I've just wondered, is all.

Jim Alexander said...

Actually have had a copy for ages, but writing (Food Chain part 3), work (I work 9 to 5) and travelling (Manchester, Bristol, London, Crianlarich) commitments just keep getting in the way. And I do realise I'm trying to make my life more interesting than it actually is :-) It's 'hympth'. It's always been 'hympth'. Close up of someone looking indignant with an accompanying 'hympth'. I might use 'humph' one day though you never know.