Thursday, August 15, 2013

Amazing & Fantastic Tales#2

Amazing & Fantastic Tales#2 from Planet Jimbot is out now.   
New world!  New way!  New Pulp! 
Pulp gets a modern twist with comic strips and text stories combined.  Featuring, ‘Last Champagne': Space, the final frontier, but it's all flat champagne.  ‘The Last Posse’: Wyatt Earp gathers up a posse of famous characters from the Wild West, including the Cisco Kid, Geronimo and Belle Starr. ‘Kroom’: where a mysterious alien falls from a portal in the sky; what does he hope to find; what is he escaping from?  ‘The Roustabout’: more horror, suspense and mistaken identity on a wind-swept oil platform.  Finally, ‘Point Blank’, which asks how does an ordinary man stop a speeding bullet?

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