Monday, December 05, 2005

When I’m not thinking up the latest insane/inane entry for this blog, I’ve been beavering away on a script for Negative Burn. The comics anthology is in its second incarnation published by Desperado under the Image banner. Originally, it was publisher Caliber’s jewel in the crown. Joe Pruett remains in charge and I had a chat with him and April Doster at Brighton. The thing is I contributed to the original Negative Burn, four stories in total (I think). There was ‘Facts of Life’ (issue 45) where a boy was taught the facts of life using goldfish. And there was ‘Sideburns’ (issue 47) featuring a day in the life of the eponymous, grizzled gumshoe, art (in both instances) by Jon Haward. As Negative Burn has been resurrected so has Sideburns, and my writing a second story connects the old with the new. Entitled ‘Conjoined Sins’ it’s shaping up to be a gratuitously off the wall, fuzzily violent script. It’ll be a nice change of pace for Jon and I after our recent tales of webcrawling derring-do.

On the subject of Joe Pruett he has a twin brother, James, who was my main editor back in the (Caliber) day overseeing the likes of Gabriel, Ripper Legacy, Amongst the Stars and a few Raven Chronicles. These guys kept me in print when no one else was prepared to. Blame everything on them folks. Anyway…twins. Now, you know how it’s everyone’s favourite male sexual fantasy to bed female twins? For the life of me I’ve never heard of vice versa being the case. Are there any women out there who lust after guys who look like each other? Mind you if you’ve ever seen Joe and James together…maybe that’ll explain why such women are thin on the ground! LOL!

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