Sunday, January 15, 2006

'Ello peeps. When I'm not searching t'internet for my latest Russian bride, I occasionally post some missive or other on a discussion group. So I may as well inflict my latest on you lot:

"One thing that particularly stood out was the statement that to be professional you have to make a living from it ['it' being working in comics]. I've recently worked for DC, Tokyopop, and Panini/Marvel UK, but I can assure you I am some way from earning a living from it. While I do earn money from this glorified 'hobby' of mine it worked out, last tax year, as less than a fifth of my earnings from my 'real' job. To be honest the people I know who make a living from it - especially the writers - are particularly few and far between. And the majority of this small bunch are either always skint and/or don't earn their crust from writing for comics exclusively alone. But of course the ones that do earn a good living are so busy and so in demand and so under pressure they use the blood from their ears as ink. Such is the way of all things I suppose."

Ok, you can all go back to watching 'The 6th Day' on Channel 5. Man, that Arnie can act. I love that 'big eye' expression of his like a hamster has just wandered up somewhere it shouldn't have...

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