Friday, October 19, 2007

Yes Birmingham looks that complicated even on a map! It probably took us nearly an hour to get out of the city centre by car. But at least we got to see that little more of the city than we bargained for - again and again and again.

The weekend was great. Everyone was smiling except for the writers mostly, it's always the writers. I didn't really spend much time at the Convention itself. It seemed really well organised and I really like the guys behind it and hope they did okay out of it. For someone like me I've finally discovered there's not much point being at these type of things unless you're actually involved in or looking to promote something. There's absolutely no work to be found that's for sure! But it was good to see everyone, and it was good that they saw me :-) I came back to find I had four Samurai Jack and two Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy scripts to compose for Joan Hilty at DC/Cartoon Network. So I'm not going to moan any more and go out for a couple of beers instead.

Oh and as a footnote I did find a bar showing the Scotland v Ukraine game last Saturday in Birmingham (well done the Sports Cafe on Broad Street). There were a few Scots present. Instead of a piper there was a guy with a harmonica playing 'Flower of Scotland'. Surreal is not the word (but it'll just have to do). For the record we won 3-1 and I jumped up and down and nearly cried when that third goal went in but checked myself just in time. Fast forward four days and we're beaten 2-0 by Georgia, which sets up an all or nothing game against Italy in Glasgow 17th November. Don't think I'm not aware of the stakes involved. I forbid any of my work to be translated into Italian forthwith. It begins here.

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