Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In the middle of scripts at the moment. Few weeks ago I was commissioned a nice bundle of six scripts for DC/Cartoon Network (4 Samurai Jack and 2 Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy). I've now finished and sent off all the Samurai Jack. Don't know if you've seen the cartoon, but I think it's great. Jack is a Conan/Ronin-like figure who battles a magical monstrous tyrant called Aku. Primarily action, but with time for reflection, and dare I say it even a little pathos. I like it a lot. All in all I've scripted eight stories now for Jack, three having been published so far (the latest called 'Checklist' is in Cartoon Action Pack #18) and y'know it took me those first three strips, maybe not to find my feet, but to do the character justice. And I think with these new ones, particularly 'Tunnel of Stone', I've done just that. There's a source of personal satisfaction to be found there that I can barely begin to explain.

Now I'm starting the Grim stories with gusto. There's a different kind of tempo with these characters, dare I describe it as madcap...? The opening line reads, 'This here represents my greatest achievement since I balanced a saucepan on my head a week last Tuesday!' Capmad maybe.

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