Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jimbo's Top 9 of 2008 #3: Lego Batman The Videogame

Batman Lego game on the X-Box? Free comic inside? Wondering why you recognise the name of the writer? That's because it is I! It's a neat little no-dialogue piece showing the same story from the very different perspectives of the Batman and the Joker.

It was a whirlwind commission and not without incident. Michael Wright at DC Licensing contacted me to ask if I was interested. I of course said yes and having pitched successfully was faced with the prospect of completing the script over a weekend. The days in question just happened to coincide with a stag weekend held in Madrid. Not only that but on the Saturday I turned on my ankle (non-alcohol related honest), which grew to the size of a large cabbage. And it had grown even larger by the time I returned to Glasgow on Sunday. I could hardly put any weight on the bugger and the next day needed my pal Drew to drive me to my son’s school in order to pick him up. But I still got my Batman Lego script done on time. Hey I know you're thinking it so I may as well say it - "what a guy!"

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David Baillie said...

You, sir, are superhuman!