Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ah-ha, that’s me back. Another San Diego Comic Convention consigned to the glorious trashcan of history. The fifth one in total I’ve attended in case you were wondering. Most of the time, though, I was asked if this was my first due to the near expert impenetrability of my accent. Think of the Scottish cousin at the wedding of Charlotte and Trey MacDougall in ‘Sex and the City’ and you’ll be halfway there. Anyhoo it was a good convention. From an editorial point of view I seem to have a good reputation. What’s missing is that project that’ll give me mass appeal. As to where I should acquire said assignment any comments/advice/limericks - all gratefully received. I thank you.

Also out is the first volume of Otogi Zoshi where I executed the rather magnificent role of ‘English Adaptation’. When you consider the paragraph above, you can just taste, nay chew, the irony. Tokyopop publishes said periodical and, yes, it’s Manga, and, yep, you read the thing back to front right to left. Nor should you be surprised that the book is a rather lovely piece of whimsy, life-affirming really. The first volume takes its time developing the characters before the second (and last) packs the punch, but you can’t have the one without the other. Lady Hikaru learns to use the bow and catches a cold in the rain of 10th Century Kyoto. She is seemingly frail, emotional, and true of heart. And she will become everything that a heroine should and can be.

Oh, and the book lists my name as ‘Jim O. Alexander’ in the credits. This is probably just the result of misreading the initial of my middle name, which is David. But just maybe it’s all part of a cunning plan to make me appear more Japanese. Maybe the Vapours were right.

“I’m turning Japanese, I really think so.”


Susie said...

Oh, and the book lists my name as ‘Jim O. Alexander’ in the credits.

I think it was the accent. ;-)

Seriously, it was nice seeing you again! Did you EVER get Andy's text message?

Jim Alexander said...

No, Susie, I never received Andy's TM. Three dollars well spent if you ask me.

Yes indeedy it was great bumping into you both again. Sorry I missed out on the fire water drinking sessions. Hell, there's always next time.