Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Negative Burn # 3, the anthology published by Desperado/Image, is out now guys and gals. 10 foot tall Jon Haward and me have a story in there, entitled ‘Sideburns’. Having sat down with a cup of strong coffee and read the strip, though, I’ve got to say some 'rogue' word balloon placements make it appear far more wilfully obscure than I would have wished. Our story, as now is, reminded me of Guy Ritchie’s ‘Revolver’. (Which isn’t that bad a movie, don’t you think the guy’s suffered enough anyway being married to Madonna?) All that was missing from ‘Sideburns’ was some bad guy wearing lizard-skinned underpants, but I can take care of that at a later date. Maybe I could combine it with my other ambition to write a sequel to ‘Nuns on the Run’.

Truth is I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, so have decided to do neither.

Personally I think 'Sideburns' boasts some of the finest artwork from big Jon I've seen. And Phil Hester and Federico Dallocchio 's 'The Stone Devil' is worth the admission fee alone. The book also has a rather delectable Frazer Irving sketchbook section. You have to admit Fraze is rather talented in his own diminutive way. Let’s face it if it was up to me I’d have him drawing Daleks battering the shit out of Cybermen and very little else.


Khayem said...

Hi Jim,

This is the first 'Sideburns' story I've read and I thought it was one of NB#3's highlights. Echo your comments about 'The Stone Devil' and the Frazer Irving sketchbook and also rated 'Broken'. Some of the other stories didn't do much for me. I'll give a blow-by-blow review on my blog and a much more succinct one in CI #200 (which has been delayed until mid-late Sep, I think).


Jim Alexander said...

The first 'Sideburns' story was published about - oh my sweet dear lord - 9 years ago. You could tell while reading it that I'd watched 'Pulp Fiction' the week before!

Jon and I have talked about doing another one, but I need to come up with an idea first. Garfield 2 didn't work for me, so when's the next Tarantino movie coming out?