Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Otogi Zoshi volume 1 adapted by me, but please, please, it’s Narumi Seto you should be thanking, who wrote and drew it. The book is a prequel of sorts to the well-received Anime of the same name. To those who aren’t in the know Manga is Japanese for comic strip, Anime for cartoon. If you’re glad you’ve started reading this, please don’t stop.

Opinions have been canvassed and here’s a quick straw pole.

A lassie called telophase says of the book:

One day the girl sneaks out and follows her brother, and starts a chain of events that theoretically lead to plot, but I'm not sure because I was so bored by all of it.

The much more sensibly named Hazel names Otogi Zoshi as ‘Hot pick of the month’. Oh momma. She also goes on to say:

…fantastic character design, fast paced fighting action and a lingering love interest you’re dying to see develop.

I say, lock ‘em in a darkened room and let ‘em fight it out among themselves. Alternatively I could put on my favourite ponytail and exclaim ‘vive la difference’ to the passing crowd before riding off on my charcoal-coloured horse. I suppose.


Hazel said...

I would win...or run away very quickly, pointing out that I'm right!

Jim Alexander said...

I never had a doubt Hazel. Have you read volume 2 yet?