Monday, December 22, 2008

Jimbo's Top 9 of 2008 #8: Camp Lazlo: Vote Lazlo!
The cover story of Cartoon Network Block Party #51 (cover by Robert Pope and Mike Decarlo, interior art by Mike 'say it quickly' Kazaleh). The blurb says it best: Scoutmaster Lumpus is missing, and Lazlo and the other campers decide that one of their own must replace him! They do so by contesting an election. I wrote the script in the middle of a typically seemingly interminable US presidential race. Can you remember the time when people were discussing the result between Obama and McCain as too close to call? And then one Monday everyone realised the voting was due the next day and that history was finally going to be made. A month or so later this story came out and I was so grateful I hadn't put any topical references in there. Cute baby hamsters, maggots crawling into ears, mind-control rosettes, someone throwing a shoe at the departing Scoutmaster... No nothing topical in there at all.

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