Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jimbo's Top 9 of 2008: #9 Samurai Jack: Waiting For the Cavalry

This is the first of three Samurai Jack entries that rank as my publishing highlights for 2008. This year I've scripted a lot of stories starring the tall chap and it does help that I'm such a fan of the character. The best thing about Jack is how I can tell a story from his and others' perspectives keeping it fresh and iconic. 'Waiting for the Cavalry' appeared in Cartoon Network Action Pack #31. A four-page story told from a boy's point of view describing Jack's timely arrival to save a town from a group of marauding wrecking machines. The townspeople prayed for the cavalry to arrive and Jack duly obliged. The artist is Philip Moy and this is one of his pencilled pages (which I unashamedly lifted from his blog). Note the top left panel where Jack is finally, fully, revealed at the start of the last page. Looking all iconic and cool. With that chain in his hand don't be surprised if he's not in fact queuing up for the new Guns n Roses CD. Man he's that type of guy.

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