Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jimbo's Top 9 of 2009 #4: Aku's Fairy Tales:Sandarella:A Shoe Story

Aku's Fairy Tales is still going strong I'm happy to say. The scenario has Aku telling a fairy tale to two children that puts Samurai Jack in a bad light. The children's names are David (named after my 8 year old son) and Mya (my 6 year old niece).
Sandarella is Cinderella with talking sandals (obviously) brought to life by the superlative Philip Moy. You can find it in CN Action Pack #41. Other Aku stories are based on the Boy who cried Wolf, Sleeping Beauty, and The Labours of Hercules. Text heavy, take an eternity to write, will probably drive me mad one day, but I just absolutely love doing 'em!

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