Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jimbo's Top 9 of 2009 #7: Spider-Man & Captain Britain:Blast to the Past

This little beauty has been reprinted several times both sides of the pond. You can catch it in this year's 'Marvel Europe TP'. Originally intended as a means of introducing Captain Britain to a new generation of British comic readers, the re-emergence of the good Captain at the time created quite a lot of hype on t'internet. Quite overwhelming it was. It didn't make myself or artist Jon Haward superstars, but hey it was good the 48 hours or so it lasted.
The story itself has Cap and Spidey up against nasty Nazi the Red Skull armed with the cosmic cube. I suppose the strength of the story lies in how effectively I weaved the origin of Captain Britain into the main plot. It probably irritates the hell out of those who already know it, but to be fair they were never intended to be the target audience. I wrote a follow-up for Panini/Marvel UK, again drawn by Jon, reuniting Cap and Spidey against the Fury this time. Far superior in every way, it was subsequently unheralded and consequently sank without a trace. Now there's a hidden gem worth digging for should you ever have the inclination.

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