Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Written by Jim Alexander; Art by Brad Walker and Jimmy Palmiotti; Cover by Jesus Saiz

Guest writer Jim Alexander (BATMAN: 80-PAGE GIANT) teams up with guest artists Walker and Palmiotti (MANHUNTER, CATWOMAN) for a stand-alone tale of a sought-after organ donor whose plight is personal to two of the Birds!

$2.50 US On Sale February 15, 2006

So there it is on the DC website making it all toasty and official. Jesus Saiz's cover is bold and bright and in your face. The Huntress and Oracle are pictured just right mirroring their strained relationship to each other in the story. I likes it. I likes it a lot. The guy blind folded in the background is Tod the 'Donor' of the title. I can't decide if he looks a little older than I imagined him to be when writing the script. Mind you the more I look at him the more I'm convinced he is indeed da man.

Be sure and pick up a copy y'hear? I mean what else are you gonna be up to on Feb 15th?

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