Saturday, November 05, 2005

The pub singer's bible Neil Diamond's 'Jazz Singer' arrived for me yesterday. During a family holiday in Lanzarote - an interminably boring resort punctuated by the Ashes and the Champions League but pretty relaxing all the same - I heard what I later discovered to be 'Hullo Again' sung on the karaoke. The song just wouldn't let me be, swimming around the grey matter I have for a head, and after some tracking down (which mainly consisted of singing 'Hullo Again - Hullo' in true pub singer's fashion to anyone in earshot) I identified name of song and artist - 'Hullo Again' by Jim Diamond's uncle. The song's on 'Jazz Singer', which is going cheap shouldn't cost you more than a fiver. And I have to admit after initially flicking through most of the tracks to get to the ones of interest - 'Love on the Rocks' and 'Hullo Again' then back again - I found myself slowly surely taking in America and SummerLove until now I'm listening to the cd straight through and rather enjoying it. I ask you is this a sign of advanced middle age?

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