Sunday, November 13, 2005

Watched the friendly game Scotland v USA in the Maltman yesterday. That's the USA who are 7th in the FIFA rankings and Scotland who are 63rd. Generally I was pleased the way the team came back from losing a penalty goal early doors and draw 1-1. We showed a lorra fight, boys. Having said that my mind goes back to a Calhab Justice script I wrote, which appeared in the Judge Dredd Yearbook. Rather imaginatively called 'The Mega Cup' it told of a future World Cup international between Calhab (Scotland) and Mega-City One (USA). No opportunity squandered to have a dig at the Yanks inability to understand the great game of football, or soccer as they affectionately call it, as seemed to be demonstrated in the lead up to the 1994 World Cup hosted by the US of A. Here's a taster of some of the classic 'Mega Cup' dialogue to come out of such an obviously hilarious situation:

- "Burt! Soccer! Mean Anything?"

- "Yep, sure does. It's what those Euros play. They eat Frog Legs an' dance about, fairy like, in pantaloons filled to the brim in soft, whipped cream."

Cripes the way it's looking now the USA will win the World Cup in the next 20 years while Scotland take pride in giving San Marino a good game. What can I say to our friends across the pond - sorry for taking the mic' back then, the boot is well on the other foot now, best of luck in the World Cup next summer where you lot'll be there and Scotland won't! Ah well at least Canada are still below us in the rankings...for now!


Len Kody said...

Soccer - that's the one where you can't use your hands, right?

brenda dallaway said...

Ah well at least Canada are still below us in the rankings...for now!

dem's fightin' words, eh!

Jim Alexander said...

Oh see when you Americans get together (both sides of the border) - especially the blue skinned variety. Just gang up on the token li'l Scotsman why don'tcha.