Saturday, November 05, 2005

Welcome to the latest instalment of Jimbo Watch where I report on this blog any mention of my name made across the four corners of the globe, or at least something resembling my name. Take St Malo, France, for example where acclaimed artist David Lloyd (V for Vendetta) was last weekend doing a signing. My name came up when David talked of how printing can screw up a good job, in this case one for Les Humanoids he did with - "a really good writer, James Alexander from Scotland". David used my Sunday name there, but y'know he's entitled. Apparently he made this remark unprompted, I don't have him on a retainer or anything. Wow, I mean whizzer and chips...

'Elemental' by David and I with colours by Snakebite appeared in Metal Hurlant # 13 (October 1994). It's a self-contained 10 page story of damnation, redemption, man and woman. A nice little story with a healthy dose of mean spiritness, and majestically rendered by Mr Lloyd. Welcome people to "Your own unique little cosmos of insanity, shit and pain". Unfortunately the colours didn't come out as well as they could. Compare the page on the left to what was actually printed (you'll need to pick up a copy to do this unless of course you already own one). I should say I'm immensely proud of our collaboration. I wasn't aware of any printing issues until well after I read the story in print. So at the time through to now I still feel the same way. Man was I thrilled.

(Many thanks to Chris McLoughlin, no mean slouch as an artist himself, for alerting me to this 'latest' Jimbo Watch.)


The Light-House. said...

title of the blog "Smiles and Tears" coz joy is one emotions that along with smiles also brings out tears

Jim Lainé said...

Hi Jim !

Saint-Malo is a wonderfully beautiful Brittany coast city when the second biggest French comics convention takes place each october.

Sure you would like it !


Jim Alexander said...

Hullo there Jim. Yep I'm sure I would like it, comics, beautiful scenery and alcohol although not always in that order. Must say it's Angloueme I've really got my sights on. Every year I talk about attending the festival but never get round to actually doing anything about it. But y'know it's gonna happen...eventually.

Best, Jim

Jim Alexander said...

This one's for tarun. Sorry for taking so long to publish your post, mate. As for your suggestion I'm afraid to say it's rubbish.

But d'you read comics?

Best, Jim