Friday, November 25, 2005

Event Horizon # 2 from Mam Tor published by Liam Sharp and featuring writers and artists you will have heard of and some you probably won’t have. It’s a reassuringly thick glossy book with numerous eclectic strips, text pieces, and illustrations. Truth be known it’s quite magnificent to look at. But the main reason it should have your attention is that this is a book prepared to give people new to comics publishing a chance. It’s getting harder and harder to break into comics. There’s no point moaning about this if you’re not prepared to support one of the few high profile publications out there prepared to give people a chance. You should be able to pick up Event Horizon # 2 (there’s 12 books planned in total) at your local comic store. If they don’t have it then moan at them, place it on order, and/or check out the Mam Tor website:

Price is $19.95 US, which, I don't know, is about 13 pounds sterling. But don’t let the price put you off, not until you hold this weighty tome in your hands and flick through the sublimely crafted daring painted pages. This is as professional and complete a package as you could hope for. Get your granny to buy it for you this Xmas.

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