Saturday, November 26, 2005

Cartoon Network #99 is out right now published by Panini in the UK. It features comic strips reprinted from Cartoon Network Block Party published by DC. I'm a regular contributor to the latter (scripted about 30 stories for 'em so far) which means I'm regularly reprinted in the former. In issue 99 I chronicle Johnny Bravo's hair gel escaping and growing into a blob-like monster terrorising a town. Art by Robert Pope with some nice colouring. Even better featured also I have a Classic Strip Show - I Am Weasel in 'Around the World in 80'. Classic is another word for reprint of a reprint, but I likes the sound of it all the same! Features the classic line delivered by I Am Weasel to I.R. Baboon:

"Despair not, my furry chum - you will be the greatest king Mars has ever seen. Either that or they'll keep you as a pet!"

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