Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I don't know if you've picked up a copy of Birds of Prey from DC recently. Issues 81 to 85 has 'The Battle Within' story arc. It's great. The writer is the star Gail Simone with able support from the art team of Bennett and Jadson. The plot revolves around a massive drugs deal from Singapore to Gotham City, but the strength of the story is in the characterisation. The Black Canary in Singapore does epic battle with the Silk Brothers who take no shit from anyone; the Huntress reclaims her father's mob legacy in order to take control of the 'family'; and Oracle undergoes radical surgery to remove a Braniac-styled virus from within her in as moving a chapter as I've read in a long while. Terrific, just terrific.

So I'm especially thrilled to announce that I'll be writing Birds of Prey #91 - entitled 'Donor' - with art from Brad Walker and Jimmy Palmiotti. The script is in, the first five pages have been drawn. This'll be the first time I've worked for DC on a regular book. My last contribution to the company was a two page 'Kitty Kat' strip, which appeared in Young Justice: Sins of Youth Secret Files in the year 2000. And I hope and trust I do myself justice on this one. Keep watching this space.


Chris McLoughlin said...

That's some good news your smoking there, Jim.
Is it part of a box of similarly fragrent smoking sticks?

Inquiring minds and all that you know...

take care

Jim Alexander said...

Who knows what's around the corner, a huge truck, a box of chocolate fingers...? Well, chocolate fingers crossed that 'Donor' leads on to bigger perhaps even greater things.

Chris, dear ladies and gents, is a most talented artist. We've only worked on one strip together - the two page 'In the Park', which appeared an eternity ago in the pages of Negative Burn. Mind you it's always felt like we've worked together on much much more. So go on sign us both up for a Batman two parter. (But make sure you own the character first. Request only applies to DC Comics.)

Tony Lee said...

Nice one mate!

I'll buy you a pint at Brighton for this bit of good news!

Jim Alexander said...

Cheers, Tony, I arrive on Friday. Really looking forward to it.