Friday, November 04, 2005

I'm Scottish originally from the town of Ardrossan in Ayrshire. Apparently my accent is quite broad even for a Scotsman. "I have no idea what you just said, but it sounded Scottish," is a common response. And of course I'm plagued at every turn by people attempting a Scottish accent. One hears Sean Connery and instantly one thinks one can do Scotchland. But I don't know of anyone who actually sounds like dear Sir Sean. And no-one can convince me otherwise that he doesn't revert to type and ditch the shmooth leathery tones once he realises he's down to his last strip of toilet paper and the job ain't yet half done. I'm reminded of Jack Lemmon turning to Tony Curtis in 'Some Like Hot', referring to Curtis' Cary Grant impression, to tell him that no-one talks like that. Anyway there's only one way to perfect the Scottish accent - by being in an unseemly rush to get to the last syllable. E.g., bi-ke becomes b-ike. That or be brought up in Scotland of course.

And on the subject of 'Some Like it Hot' it's been said that Curtis claimed on set that "Kissing Marilyn Monroe was like kissing Hitler." Now I know Tony has reportedly denied having said this in later years, but y'know that kind of thing sticks, and after all this time it's time to be gracious. Marilyn that most misunderstood, tragic, and beautiful icon of all time. Tony, I know you're an occasional reader of this blog. Perhaps once and for all it's time to put the record straight.


Darby said...

Yes, I met one of your countrymen at the Scotland vs. Czech Republic soccer match in Prague, 1999. I was traveling by train from Russia, having been there for 5 months, making my way to London to fly back to the States. After about 2 days, I finally had to tell him..."You know, I have a harder time understanding you than I ever have had with Russians speaking Russian, and we speak the same language." He was terribly handsome so I worked even that much harder to understand him, even though ti took about 3 repeats to catch what he said. How annoying for him. :)

Jim Alexander said...

Just hang in there Darby. One day it'll all make sense. (And I've no idea what I meant by that last remark.) Scotland v Czech Republic. Didn't we lose that game 3-2 after being 2-0 ahead? I'm sure you could make out the guy's words begining with 'f' and 'b' alright!

Best, Jim