Thursday, November 03, 2005

Not two minutes after my first post and I'm the lucky recipient of not one but two comments. My word that's what I call dedication. Until I read them of course. The first one told me how impressed they were by my site (this of course could have been a misspelling) and asked if I would give theirs a go. Just had to go by the title of 'penile enhancer dot whatever'. The second comment went on about how they were at it all night and suggested I give them a click to find out just how they did it. My god they were both spam, can you feckin' believe it, in this day and age...! Anyway I promptly deleted them only to consider...

What happens if some punter comes to my blog fully expecting these kind of helpful links. Someone with a small knob who can only go at it up to 9pm? I've deprived the guy of the only two e-mails that could solve his problem. And another thing, why do you have to come to my blog to buy these things? Why not go to Boots the chemist (or pharmacy my American chums) and get them there? And when you go up to the counter and ask for some condoms, they can helpfully enquire into size of pecker - small or elasticated. Either that or you can buy another toothbrush, third in the last week.

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Tom64 said...

Unsolicited comments can be the bain of any blog. I hope you have a big virtual stick ready (oh dear, that's me gone all freudian) to beat these abusers (self?) into submission.

Anyway, hope the site gets the Kudos it deserves.

Vampire joke - How do you know a vampire has been to the bakers?

All the jam is missing from the jam dougnuts......boom boom