Wednesday, November 02, 2005

By gum new day new attitude. Served with hot steaming new Ayrshire potatoes (or tatties to give it the correct name). Welcome to me new blog. And who the hell am I you might well ask? I'm a Scottish comics writer and hell there ain't much of them around are there? See the Metal Hurlant strips drawn by Richard Corben ('King's Crown') and David Lloyd ('Elemental'). I wrote 'em. 'Deathwatch' - the second biggest selling Graphic Novel from Warhammer/Black Library ever - and that despite the solitary pish poor review on Amazon. I wrote it. The Captain Britain story covered extensively at a website near you published by Marvel UK/Panini and recently reprinted in Marvel Milestones. Me, me, me! 'Calhab Justice'...? You have me bang to rights there my friend. Yep, I'm that man who fell into some radioactive sheepdip responsible for Ed MacBrayne, Schiehallion, and McTash. Sure Calhab Justice divided opinion, but people still remember it. Have sleepless nights because of it...!

What do I have out at the moment? Spectacular Spider-Man # 124 by Panini pitting Spidey against the Green Goblin and Hobgoblin. This is an out of continuity strip published by Panini in the UK aimed at younger readers. Art by my two big mates Jon Haward and James Hodgkins. I only work with people over six feet tall. Originally I had the Goblin design a bomb to blow up New York City (as you do) but this handy plot device quickly transformed into a machine that produces a swarm of destructive goblin nano-robots (naturally). Favourite dialogue (Hobgoblin): "Winner is last to keep any of his own teeth". Also I write Johnny Bravo's strip in the latest Cartoon Network Block Party # 14 published by DC Comics. 'Damsel of his Dreams' with art by John Delaney and Jeff Albrecht, both of whom I assume are over six feet tall. Johnny is something of a knight in shining armour in this one. The story also features a donkey and an ice cream van. Favourite dialogue (Johnny): "Gonna hammer you, clock, into a thousand million tiny pieces! Or maybe six or seven!" Thanks and see ya.

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Tom64 said...

Welcome to the world of blog fine sir.

I ahve read some of your 'stuff' and found it passingly interesting. I particulary liked your Judge Dredd strap on XXX Christmas special for Readers Wifes a while back. I thought you did the sound effects very well.

Keep up the good work.