Sunday, November 06, 2005

Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, the Dread Dormammu. Try saying that when you've had ten pints. An' 'ere's John Royle's cover for our upcoming strip from Panini/Marvel UK. Colours are by Dylan Teague. Now that I've written Captain Britain I've been actively campaigning for the chance to write a Spidey/Captain Caveman strip. Dylan is sitting by the phone ready to start drawing the very minute we have the go-ahead.

Ya just gotta remember Captain Caveman. Outspoken hairy diminutive caveman chap. Large club and a bag full of, well, just about anything. How we laughed when Cavey rummaged around looking for an Uzi-9mm but instead produced from his sack old Aunt Agnes from Cowdenhill Circus. So dear reader don't you agree. Is it not time for yours truly to bring back Hanna-Barbera 's greatest creation and team him up with your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man? Then why not write to you local Member of Parliament and demand it.


John Freeman said...

Fab art. Say hi to John Royle for me (I still have copies of the unpublished G-Force/Knights of Pendragon issue he drew)

Jade said...

Hey Jim!

Nice Blog, my friend... And it looks like you've been keeping yourself busy...

Jim Alexander said...

John and Jade, who have never met, but two fine people anyway.

John runs the hugely informative website celebrating British comics great and small:
Thanks for the mention, John.

Jade is the Publisher of Cellar Door bold and evocative and well worth a look: