Thursday, November 24, 2005

Just been asked to contribute to a publication called 'Hover Monthly'. The new mag for hover pack enthusiasts everywhere. Contains handy articles on what and where to buy, the correct mix of rocket fuel and methane gas to use, and many more. As a proud owner of a hover pack you need never walk again to that office 15 stories up. But make sure there's someone on the other side to answer your frantic tapping at the window in case your fuel runs out and you plummet to your death. Issue 1 is on sale in three weeks time with the free gift of a special recording of the cd single from Westlife 'You Raise me Up'. Hovering to a newsagents near you.


brenda dallaway said...

Is that the easy-going cousin of Jet Pack monthly? I'm still waiting for that. C'mon future, hurry up!

p.s. I brought back some stones from Brighton beach when I was there years ago. Hell to walk on and they don't produce genies when rubbed but they're nice to look at.

Jim Alexander said...

Don'tchaknow the 'jet pack' is so...2004.

p.s. All I brought back from Brighton was a sore heid and some indistinct blurry memories.